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I am an elder in a PCA church and am looking for a good book on the treatment of love, covered in 1 Corinthians 13, vs 4-7, and particularly as they apply to love in marriage. I seem to remember seeing some really good verse by verse discussions in book(s) some years ago, but I don't seem to find books on it now as I browse through the internet. Are there any books along this line you would recommend. Thanks so much.
In Christ,
Bill Brownfield


Thank you for your important question. I believe there are at least two resources that will help.

CHARITY AND ITS FRUITS (Living in the Light of God's
Love) by Jonathan Edwards and Kyle Strobel;
Crossway Books--Edwards classic treatment with
explanatory notes to update the application by Kyle

CHARITY AND ITS FRUITS by Jonthan Edwards; Banner
of Truth

I will keep my eyes open for other resources.

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin

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