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I am looking for a book that would have good counsel for a lady who is not able to have children. She is a professing Christian but is rather shallow. A book like "The Mystery of Providence" would probably overwhelm her. Is there anything "lighter" that still has some substance?



Thank you for your compassionate question. Let me recommend Jerry Bridges' TRUSTING GOD (Even When Life Hurts) from NavPress. Jerry wrote it when his first wife was dying of cancer and he carefully but accessibly works through God's providence and His love, wisdom, holiness and sovereignty. It is one of the best 2-3 books on God's providence and has helped many. I highly recommend it.

May I recommend you also get a copy for yourself so that should she have a question, you have "chapter and verse" at your fingertips. Plus, should another person have needs which require looking at God's providential care of His people. you are loaded for bear!

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin

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