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On May 22 I will be meeting with several young men. We are calling ourselves "The Dead Theologians Society." Several of us are keen to study John Owen. I have told them that I prefer either his work on Communion with God or vol 6 of his collected works on temptation and sin. I think they are capable of appreciating Owen's unabridged work. So, I have two questions: Is it possible to buy multiple copies of either vol 2 or vol 6 of Owens' Works? Secondly, is a study guide available for either of those two volumes? Thank you for your help.


Thanks for asking.

Both volumes 2 & 6 of Owens works are available for individual purchase in hardcover. "Communion With God" is also available in a paperback edition if a less expensive option is wanted.

As far as I know there is not a study guide to these volumes although there is a study guide for Owen's "Mortification of Sin".

Best wishes for a profitable study.

Todd Jennings

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