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I have some books that I am considering selling, but I don't know what a reasonable price to put on them. Would you advise. Spurgeon's Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit - 56 volume set. Used very little in excellent condition with jackets. Spurgeon's New Park Street Pulpit - 6 volume set. Used very little in excellent condition with jackets.

Elton Dunbar

Mr. Dunbar,

Thank you for your important question. The two sets you mentioned are not currently available from the used book sellers online that I frequent. So their scarcity makes them more valuable. Having said that, digitization has put many older sets into more affordable formats for pastors and libraries to put them on computers. Most younger men I know have the computerized version but not the actual hardbacks.

I would put a value on the sets as follows:

$ 1000-1250

Spurgeon, NEW PARK STREET PULPIT---$ 100

Having just quoted those numbers for resale, let me suggest you donate them to a Reformed theological seminary where they can benefit generations of students AND you can get a generous tax receipt for tax purposes.

It depends upon your priorities and finances, I realize.

Let me be up front and share that I am the new Dean of Students at the IRBS Theological Seminary beginning July 1st in Mansfield, Texas. I donated several thousand volumes from my personal library to help the seminary library get up and running. Others have done the same.
If you are interested in confessional Reformed theology and especially among Baptists, let me suggest you give the IRBS Seminary Library a thought. Copies of Spurgeon in hardback would be a boon because Spurgeon re-printed the London Baptist Confession of 1689 as one of the first actions when he became pastors of New Park Street.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your Book Servant,

Former Pastor and now Dean of Students,

Steve Martin

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