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Dear Brother Steve,
I logged in to ask you to recommend a daily devotional for an eleven year old girl. The home page of CVBBS was advertising Rebecca Davis "101 Devotions for Girls". Is it doctrinally sound and written from a Reformed perspective? Any other recommendations?
We miss you in Georgia, Sharon

Dear Sister Sharon,

One encouragement for you and other readers of this blog and users of CVBBS is that they ONLY carry Reformed literature. The owners know books and carefully screen newer books to keep the stream of truth pure.

Having said that, it is always good to ask when you don't know an author or title.

Talking to Patti at CVBBS (800-656-0231), she warmly commended Rebecca Davis' book from Christian Focus.

You might call her yourself for other recommendations. I have not kept up with literature for pre-teens as I used to. Patti can be of even greater help.

We miss our brethren in Georgia too!

Your Book Servant,

Steve Martin
Coordinator, Association of Reformed Baptist Churches
of America
Dean of Students, IRBS Theological Seminary--Texas

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