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Good DVD Studies for Women


We are looking for suggestions for a women's Bible study group. We are particularly interested in a DVD series presentation with perhaps a workbook as most of the women in our church work having little time for in-depth study. It doesn't necessarily have to be limited to women's topics.

Hi Leslie,

There are several good study books for women with DVD's available for teaching. Nancy Guthrie has a number of them based on her series "Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament". The Promised One is the beginning of the series. A Woman's Wisdom by Lydia Brownback is another good one. Elyse Fitzpatrick has a nine session curriculum for Good News for Weary Women. All of these are tailored to women. If you do a search for "DVD" on our web-site, you will see others that aren't particularly geared to women.

Patty Jennings

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