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THE CHRISTIAN IN COMPLETE ARMOR by William Gurnall--Questions About Various Versions


Can you shed some insight on the different versions of The Christian in Complete Armor by Wm. Gurnall that CVBBS carries? Are the paperbacks edited or revised in any way? Do you have a preferred version? Thanks for any help you can give.


Thank you for your discerning question. The Banner of Truth hardback edition of Gurnall's classic on spiritual warfare is the complete edition. It is in 17th century English which is daunting for some (e.g. King James version of the Bible English). The 3 volume paperback edition was commissioned by Last Days Ministries (made famous by the Christian singer/song writer Keith Green and his wife Melody). A couple of members of Last Days Ministries worked on the editing, updating the language, shortening sentences, paragraphs, etc. It is much easier for the average reader to read. Finally, Moody Press has a CHRISTIAN IN COMPLETE ARMOR DEVOTIONAL book which has readings for every day of the year from the book.

I recommend that you buy the 3 volume paperback edition.

I hope that helps you in making a decision.

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin

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