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Homosexuality has gone from dark corners of America and sordid secret lives to the front pages and is bold in the streets. From the "Stonewall Uprising" in New York City's Greenwich Village in 1969 to the myriad parades and "courageous examples of coming out of the closet", we are inundated with propaganda from 3% of the population who are actually homosexuals. Former Olympic athletes and little girls down the street are becoming something other than what they were born. Can we pick and choose our gender? So long and shrill has been the propaganda that most Americans under 35 (including professing Christians) believe the propaganda to be true!

With ministers and Christian leaders joining the bandwagon, with government and educational leaders speaking out all the time legitimizing homosexual conduct, to the recent Supreme Court ruling legislating same sex marriages in all the states, no wonder Christians are intimidated, confused and not particularly articulate in responding to the propaganda.
Some Christians have jumped on the "let's be so nice they will see were are not homophobes" bandwagon. Other professing Christians seem to want to return to an Old Testament ethic of capital punishment.

What does the Bible teach about homosexuality
and how can Christians respond to the lies that have become so endemic to our culture ? Real help is available and I want to highlight the best books for you.


Homosexuality is a denial of God's creation order when everything He created after its kind was "good"
(Genesis 1-2). To put the homosexual argument in its proper context we must begin with what the Word of God teaches about the created order and original marriage between one man and one woman. The best material here is...

Andreas Kostenberger and David Jones, GOD, MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation; 2nd Edition; Crossway--an outstanding study of the whole Bible and its consistent witness about marriage, the family and aberrations from the biblical norm. Must reading for all pastors, elders, counselors, Bible teachers and literate laymen.

But what about the Bible's teaching on homosexuality?

will be the go-to manual for many Christians. Deal with all the main biblical passages and the most frequently asked questions in the controversy.
1. Genesis 1-2--one man, one woman, one flesh
2. Genesis 19--Sodom and Gomorrah
3. Leviticus 18,20--the book of holiness on
4. Romans 1--the downward spiral of sin & debauchery
5. 1st Corinthians 6; 1st Timothy 1--hope for the
6. The Bible hardly ever mentions it
7. Not that kind of homosexuality
8. What about other sins like gluttony and divorce?
9. The church is supposed to be for broken people
10. You are on the wrong side of history
11. It's not fair!
12. The god I worship is a god of love!
There are also three appendices and a bibliography of additional helpful books. But DeYoung's book is only the appetizer or the Cliff's Notes of what might be said. The most extensive treatment biblically is...

Robert Gagnon, THE BIBLE AND HOMOSEXUAL PRACTICE (TEXTS AND HERMENEUTICS); Abingdon Press--a professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Seminary, Professor Gagnon has written a brave, compassionate, searching, comprehensive and biblically faithful book. He leaves no biblical texts unturned and no questions left without being answered.After a compelling Introduction Gagnon has...

Chapter 1--The Wtness of the Old Testament (8 extensive sections about all the texts and issues raised in the Old Testament)

Chapter 2--Same Sex Intercourse as "Contrary to Nature" in Early Judaism (5 sections)

Chapter 3--The Witness of Jesus (5 sections)

Chapter 4--The Witness to Paul...(100+ pages)

Chapter 5--The Hermeneutical Relevance of the Biblical Witness (150+ pages of texts and answers)

This book is definitive and unanswerable.

There are books which seek to help Christians and unbelievers alike on the subject.

Sam Allberry, IS GOD ANTI-GAY? AND OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY, THE BIBLE AND SAME SEX ATTRACTION; The Good Book Company--by a non-practicing, same sex attracted pastor who remains chaste.

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN UNLIKELY CONVERT; Expanded edition; Crown and Covenant--head of the English Department at the Universe of Syracuse, published feminist, liberal spokesman, organizer for leftish causes; committed homosexual becomes a confessional, Reformed Christian, wife, mother, home-schooler, apologist, and teacher to all who will listen about the liberating power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, Openness Unhindered
Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert; Crown and Covenant--as she speaks around the country, she is barraged with questions and taunts and funny looks and cold stares,she takes the time to write out the answers to so many questions asked by homosexuals, Christians, concerned parents and pastors. A must read for Christians leaders, parents and teachers--and homosexuals wanting to be free!

Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Nicolosi, A PARENT'S GUIDE TO PREVENTING HOMOSEXUALITY; IVP--a very helpful book to help parents help their children. Is our son effeminate? Is our daughter developing masculine traits? Does it matter? This books explores the alleyways, nooks and crannies that fallen human nature has gone down seeking to find out who we are short of turning to God in repentance, faith and submission. Pastors and teachers, please read this! Parents with children whose gender is on the bubble, please read this!

May the Lord help you and yours as you speak the truth in love.

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin
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