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We live in a day where there is a wealth of old books being reprinted and new books without number. Not all these books merit a first read, let alone a second read.
The Banner of Truth is unsurpassed in published books that are worth reading once and then saving for a lifetime of reading and passing on to one's family or church. Here are four "keepers" just in time for Christmas!

Douglas Taylor, I SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE (Facing
Death with Gospel Hope)
For fourteen years, Douglas Taylor was the Assistant Editor of the Banner of Truth magazine, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. So many good volumes passed under his watchful editorial eye! He was not only an editor of great Puritan volumes, he enjoyed and savored the Puritans too. I SHALL NOT DIE is a book about his preparing for his own passing, given a death sentence by an acute terminal illness. This book is composed with many of the posts he prepared to help himself and others face death unafraid. It breathes a heavenly air.
Get one for yourself, your church library and for any terminally ill Christian you know.

H. J. Horn, THE PURITANS (Day by Day)--Puritan
quotations for each day of the year.
Any pastor, church secretary, or knowledgeable Christian would want to have and use this book because it contains gems and jewels for each and every day. Put them in the church bulletin, punctuates your letters or emails with them, meditate upon them and commit them to memory--they are that good.

Hugh Martin, THE SHADOW OF CALVARY (Gethsemane,
The Arrest, The Trial)
Westminster church historian and pastor Carl Trueman writes the forward to this treasure from Scotland, first published in 1875. Hugh Martin was himself one of the treasures that graced the pastorate of the Free Church of Scotland. Martin was a pastor and a theologian and a sweetly exercised Christian. He has the exegetical ability, the spirituality, the knowledge of church history and the warm theology that makes these familiar passages come alive and sink into the heart. In his forward, Professor and pastor Trueman writes that all pastors preach about the final week of our Lord's life but few do it as correctly and warmly and engagingly as Hugh Martin. See a Master in Israel at work!

Richard Rushing, ed; VOICES FROM THE PAST (Puritan
Devotional Readings); Volume 2
Volume One of Rushing's work has been a boon and its praise sung in all the churches. Volume 2 looks to be more of the same. While some devotional reading is about as substantial as Cotton Candy and just as substantial, these devotional volumes on the Puritans have good substance in a portable size. Great for family devotions if the participants are a bit older--say high school and above. Thank you Richard Rushing and Banner of Truth for promos tin the Puritans and keeping their legacy alive. We are the richer!

Your Book Servant,

Pastor Steve Martin

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