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(The Gospel According to Nahum; The Gospel According to the O.T. Series)
[P & R Publishing, 2016; 238 pp.]

The 18th volume in the highly acclaimed THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OLD TESTAMENT series, this series is a boon to pastors, teachers and all who would
communicate the gospel using the Old Testament as the point of departure. The
author, Gregory Cook, is currently a pastor in West Virginia and this is a rework
of his Ph.D. dissertation at Westminster Seminary Philadelphia.

General Editor, Iain Duguid, begins his Series Forward with Augustine’s famous
Dictum: ‘the New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old Testament is in the
New revealed.’ All evangelicals profess to agree with this basic building block of
biblical interpretation; rare are the pastors and scholars who ever follow this truth.

The author of this volume, Dr. Cook, does not miss this foundational truth. He takes
the reader by the hand and slowly and lovingly unveils God’s message to ancient
Nineveh, ancient Israel and to believers today. Old Testament Lecturer Elizabeth
Groves in her forward laments how seldom we slowly, slowly, slowly really listen
to the text and think about the text, and hear God’s message in the text. Dr. Cook
takes 238 pages of text to carefully let us hear the message of Nahum which is
contained in only a handful of pages in our English Bibles. But Pastor Cook lets us
feel the world of the ancients and see clearly their predicaments and then see how
God deals with ancient Nineveh and Israel and then works it out for modern
Christians. The value of the book is enhanced by chapter ending questions which
helps the reader to squeeze a little bit more out of the text at hand.

Pastors, teachers and serious students of Nahum would be seriously diminished
in their knowledge and understanding of the biblical book without this volume.
Highly recommended.

Steve Martin
31 years a pastor in Atlanta
Coordinator, Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA)
Dean of Students, IRBS Theological Seminary; Texas

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