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REVIEW OF VOICES FROM THE PAST [Puritan Devotional Readings]; (Vol.2); Banner of Truth; 2016; Edited by Richard Rushing

In 2009, editor Richard Rushing put the Christian world in his debt by publishing VOICES FROM THE PAST, Vol. 1. In it 365 Puritan devotionals were captured for the Christian public who reads. Vol. 2 continues this publishing of generous daily

Portions of Puritan reflections on the Word of God, the doctrines of God, and the Christian life. Here we find judicious quotes by John Owen, John Bunyan, Richard
Sibbes, Stephen Charnoch, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Watson and William Gurnall.

Like the first volumes, Rushing chooses the best of the Puritans, whether they were well known or hardly known. In his Forward he notes that sitting back and reading the quotations, he notes the times when he was going through hard times and various afflictions—as well as happier times. Like Spurgeon’s MORNING AND EVENING, the quotes that are chosen have meat on the bones but not so much that the reader loses sight of the main point.

This would be a good Family Worship tool if used with wisdom and illumination of the Holy Spirit. Not all 7 year olds can listen to Puritan prose night after night. But
serious Christians from high school on up should profit greatly from them. The two volume set would make a good shower gift, marriage gift or college graduation gift or Pastor Appreciation Day gift.

Steve Martin
Retired pastor of 31 years
National Coordinator of the Association of Reformed
Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA)
Dean of Students; IRBS Theological Seminary; Texas

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