More of the End Times Made Simple

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This book is the second installment in Dr. Waldron's groundbreaking work, The End Times Made Simple, in which he deftly dismantled the interpretive view that dispensationalists have of prophecy in general. This book goes a step further, arguing that there are consequences to our eschatological (i.e., End Times) views. The reader will find powerful and cogent arguments for a strictly biblical hermeneutic, free from forced interpretations and presuppositions that have little to do with the actual Word of God. Some of the topics covered are how we approach biblical interpretation in general and prophetic interpretation in particular, and whether there is a distinction between Israel and the church, or is the church the 'Israel of God.' This book will change the way the reader approaches the great prophecies of the Bible, and will give the reader a renewed appreciation for the Lord Jesus Christ and His plan for His church.

225 pages