Fresh Springs: Essays by Tom Wells

Tom Wells

Joshua Press

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Fresh springs is a compilation of a range of essays by Tom Wells written over the past few decades, most of which first appeared in Reformation & Revival Journal. Tom Wells' unusual ability to articulate complex theological issues into layman's terms has made his writings of immense value to the Christian church. His arguments and respect for Scriptural authority enable readers to work through important issues and engage their minds in such a way as to promote growth in understanding and the strengthening of their personal faith. Another great book from the pen of Tom Wells. What makes this one so appealing is his brilliant ability to deal with relevant, important and potentially divisive issues without compromising divine truth. He writes with refreshing, heartwarming and mentally stimulating wisdom. His book, if correctly grasped, will strengthen the bonds of unity between those who are meant to experience the oneness for which the Saviour prayed and which we are duty-bound to seek. I am going to promote this book zealously. -Martin Holdt, Constantiapark Baptist Church, Pretoria, South Africa