Explore the John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice: Episode 6 DVD, Awesome Science Series Episode 6


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Explore John Day Fossil Beds (Awesome Science Episode 6) will take children and teens on a God-glorifying trip out west. Exploring how extensive erosion revealed layers of ash, sediment, and fossils at Oregon's John Day Fossil Beds, children will discover why no dinosaurs are found there, the history of the geological formations, and an explanation of why a catastrophic event explains the landscape.

Traveling is even better when you discover the evidence of biblical history and truth along the way. Hosted by 14-year-old homeschooler Noah Justice, his fresh approach to science and the Bible will get children more excited about the truth with each episode of Awesome Science. 30 minutes on DVD. Kids & Teens.

Includes Study Guide

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  • ISBN: 713438102207