Go and Do Likewise: A Call to Follow Jesus in a Life of Mercy and Mission

Amy DiMarcangelo


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In love, Jesus came to redeem sinful people and restore a fallen world, and he invites all of his followers to join this good work. But how can believers effectively care for their neighbors when life is so marred by sin and suffering? Is it possible for ordinary Christians to participate in God’s mission to restore a broken world?

From a theological perspective, Go and Do Likewise explores God’s grand story of redemption to uncover how ordinary Christians can extend God’s compassion to those in need. Author Amy DiMarcangelo builds on biblical principles and provides discussion questions for everyday application. This practical book encourages believers to joyfully engage in Christ’s mission—relying on the gospel to spur mercy, justice, and generosity to those who need it most. 


192 pages

Sept 2023