All Things Made New (Puritan Paperbacks)

John Flavel

Banner of Truth

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Numerous stories are told from John Flavel's life of how people happened to meet him' and came away deeply thankful to God, full of resolve to walk with Christ as a result. The same is true of encounters made with Flavel's writings, as in All Things Made New. Flavel spent almost his entire ministry in a busy town serving working people. He believed that the gospel impacts and shapes every thought, every feeling, every ambition, emotion, desire, success, tragedy and joy. Christ makes all things new for the believer, and teaches us to follow him with confidence, until that day when he truly renews all things. To read Flavel is to catch and to be changed by the same vision. Selected and Edited by Lewis Allen.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • 9781848717336
  •  2017

All Things Made New John Flavel for the Christian Life