Redeemer's Tears Wept Over Lost Souls

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Although written in 1684 ands in the style of the day, this classic volume will be of interest to all who recognize the imperative of winning souls for Christ. "The Redeemer's Tears Wept over Lost Souls, this moving book, first printed in 1683, contains Howe's essay on Luke 19:41-42, telling how Jesus wept over Jerusalem because the city didn't recognize what belonged to peace in its day. It begins with a long exposition on the great gospel truths that "belong to men's peace." It then focuses on the short "day" we have in this life, which will decide our eternal destiny. It admonishes readers to flee to the willing, yearning Savior. This is Howe's most searching and compelling book for wooing a sinner to Christ. He stresses the responsibility of man within the framework of divine sovereignty. It makes for a compelling read.