The Sixteenth-Century Reformation of the Church

David J. Engelsma

Reformed Free Publishing

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From sketches of the lives of Martin Luther and John Calvin to an explanation of the reformers distinctive doctrine of the last things, this book ranges widely over the sixteenth-century Reformation of the church. The Sixteenth-Century Reformation of the Church is divided into three parts: (fascinating) "Lives"; (significant) "History"; and (fundamental) "Doctrines and Issues." Written for believers and their children, rather than for scholars, the short but meaty articles will serve to introduce the Reformation to the reader who is ignorant of that grand work of Christ; to remind the reader who is familiar with the Reformation of its glories and worth; and to ground the believing reader in the truth of the Reformation confessed, as well as to help him or her in the holy life the Reformation called for. Especially the young people of the covenant will benefit from this book. The writers are ministers of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America and of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia.