Believers’ Evidences for Eternal Life

Francis Roberts

Soli Deo Gloria

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We have all experienced it: that moment when Satan whispers in your ear, “You aren’t really a true Christian or you wouldn’t think or behave like that.” It is one of our enemy’s most effective tactics to spread uncertainty and render God’s people ineffective with self-doubt.

But how do we know we are a Christian? Roberts writes, “to be in a gracious state is true happiness. But to know ourselves to be in such a state is true happiness doubled upon us.” Roberts book will lend some help to Christians to discern their spiritual state and make your election and calling sure (2 Pet 1:10).

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Table of Contents:

The Preface, Touching the Saints’ Assurance

The Summary Contents of the Several Chapters in This Book

1. Evidences or Signs of God’s Love to Us

2. Evidences or Signs of Our Regeneration, New Birth, Adoption, and Sonship

3. Evidences or Signs That We Are of the Truth and of the Number of God’s Own People

4. Evidences or Signs of Being in Light, Not in Darkness; in Life, Not in Death

5. Evidences or Signs of Our True Knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ

6. Evidences or Signs of Our True Love to God and to Jesus Christ

7. Evidences or Signs of Our Fellowship and Communion with God and with Jesus Christ

8. Evidences or Signs of the Unfeigned Love of the Brethren

Appendix: A Case of Conscience Touching the Sin against the Holy Ghost.


  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • 9781601788573