Dealing With Sin in Our Children

Arthur Hildersham

Soli Deo Gloria

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This is taken from a series of sermons on Psalm 51:17, and confronts the grim reality that our children are shaped in iniquity and conceived in sin. With pastoral care and compassion, Arthur Hildersham counsels Christian parents to pray that the corrupt nature they have conveyed to their children will be healed and that the Holy Spirit would work saving grace in their hearts. He motivates us to pursue our children's spiritual welfare by reminding us of the duties we have toward our children, the comfort it will have on our own souls, and the glory it will bring to God. Discussing the God-given means to cultivate the gospel in the hearts of our children, he encourages us to maintain our authority as parents, instruct them in God's Word, set a good example with our own lives, make sure influences upon them from outside the home are godly, and give ourselves diligently to prayer. Here is an encouraging message, providing guidance and hope for those concerned for the souls of their children.

29 pages