Strange New World: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution

Carl Trueman


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From Philosophy to Technology, Tracing the Origin of Identity Politics

How did the world arrive at its current, disorienting state of identity politics, and how should the church respond? Historian Carl R. Trueman shows how influences ranging from traditional institutions to technology and pornography moved modern culture toward an era of “expressive individualism.” Investigating philosophies from the Romantics, Nietzsche, Marx, Wilde, Freud, and the New Left, he outlines the history of Western thought to the distinctly sexual direction of present-day identity politics and explains the modern implications of these ideas on religion, free speech, and personal identity. 

For fans of Trueman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern SelfStrange New World offers a more concise presentation and application of some of the most critical topics of our day. Individuals and groups can work through the book together with the Strange New World Study Guide and Strange New World Video Study, sold separately. 

  • Cultural Analysis from a Christian Perspective: Explores the history of the sexual revolution and its influence today
  • A Concise Version of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Offers an approachable presentation of the points in Trueman’s popular book
  • A Great Resource for Individual and Small-Group Study: Each chapter ends with thought-provoking application questions
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    Chapter 1: Welcome to This Strange New World
    Chapter 2: Romantic Roots
    Chapter 3: Prometheus Unbound
    Chapter 4: Sexualizing Psychology, Politicizing Sex
    Chapter 5: The Revolt of the Masses
    Chapter 6: Plastic People, Liquid World
    Chapter 7: The Sexual Revolution of the LGBTQ+
    Chapter 8: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Chapter 9: Strangers in This Strange New World

    • Paperback
    • 208 pages
    • March 2022
    • 9781433579301