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By special exclusive arrangement with P&R Publishing we are pleased to bring you P&R Bargain Books. This joint venture gives you an opportunity to obtain interesting, useful, first quality books at incredibly low and affordable prices. So, load up for your group study, expand the library, rightly divide the Word of Truth and relax in knowing you've gotten a great deal. The titles listed will change as we expand this service, so keep checking back for new opportunities-and don't wait to get the ones you want.

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Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes
Essays and Analysis
by Hall, David & Lillback, Peter, editors
22.99 / 5.99
Theology of James
Wisdom for God's People
by Morgan, Christopher
17.99 / 3.99
Thomas Manton
Guided Tour of His Thought and Life
by Cooper, Derek
14.99 / 3.99
Time Travel to the Old Testament
An Essential Companion for the Christian Explorer
by Sinkinson, Chris
12.99 / 3.99
Treasures of Faith
Living Boldly in View of God's Promises
by Chuck and Sharon Betters
12.99 / 4.99
Tributes to John Calvin
A Celebration of His Quincentenary
by Hall, David (Editor)
35.99 / 9.99
When Shall These Things Be?

by Mathison, Keith
17.99 / 5.99
You Can Pray
Finding Grace to Pray Every Day
by Chester, Tim
12.99 / 4.99