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Quest for Full Assurance
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Against the background of the sixteenth-century Refomers (with special attention to Calvin), Beeke examines the theological development o personal assurance of faith in English Puritanism and its parallel movement in the Netherlands, the Dutch Second Reformation.
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5 Stars
5 - This should be required reading for all seminarians. The subject of assurance is one the modern weak and false churches have all but destroyed and confused. Beyond the doctrinal issue which relates to the gospel and church membership, it is a pearl of the Christian life that should be sought by each Christian. A right understanding of what this assurance of being in a state of grace is and how it is determined is of the utmost importance. The Westminster Confession made this a central doctrine and clarified it for us well in distinguishing different aspects of assurance. I would like to see him author another book more suited and simplified for laymen, with less history and development of the doctrine and just laying before them the harvested meat. His numerous sermons on the subject do this well and are glorious and convicting to listen to. He drives you to Christ for the balm. - Don Partridge
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 411
  • ISBN: 9780851517452
  • SKU: 9780851517452
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth