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Pastor's Counsel
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A PASTOR'S COUNSEL is a precious little book from the American Tract Society that is full of brief, pithy, wise counsel for every member of the church of Christ, as well as those who are outside of Christ. This is sage advice that will benefit the shepherd and the sheep alike. It will help the pastor give sensitive counsel to his own soul, his family and the flock of God entrusted to him, and it will guide the sheep through a variety of perplexities they will face on their journey heavenward. TABLE OF CONTENTS What is it to Believe on Christ? By Rev. Dr. J.W. Chickering The Act of Faith Questions and Counsels by Rev. Ashbel Green Self-Dedication to God by Philip Doddridge Advice to Young Converts by Jonathan Edwards The Closet Companion, or a Help to Self- Examination by George Burder Signs of a Living or Growing Christian Signs of a Dying or Decaying Christian Directions to Assist in Attaining a Spirit of Prayer The Knowledge of Pardon and the Witness of the Spirit by Rev. Thomas Scott Scripture Counsels