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Cross: Pulpit of God's Love
Banner of Truth Booklet
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The atonement is the centre of the Christian faith and of the work of the gospel ministry. The purpose of gospel preaching is to make known what God has done in the cross of Jesus Christ. The evangel is 'the preaching of the cross' (1 Cor. 1:18). If this was apostolic Christianity then we must examine ourselves as to whether our emphasis corresponds with it. Is the cross central to the message we preach in our evangelism? But how are we to preach the cross? Does our preaching resemble that of the NT apostles? Does it match the passionate freeness with which the church's greatest evangelists preached the cross to needy sinners? In this booklet, Iain Murray helps us to think through the message of the cross, to appreciate God's love and justice in the death of Christ, and to grasp the truth afresh that 'by Christ crucified the love of God and his willingness to save is to be made known to all people.'
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5 Stars
This is a powerful little booklet that should be read and re-read by every minister of the gospel. Taken from chapter 4 of Iain Murray's book "The Old Evangelicalism", it is filled with pure spiritual gold. Convinced as we are of the particular love of God which He has only for His elect, do we hesitate to convince the lost of His deep love for them? Or do we hesitate out of fear of speaking a non-truth to someone who is not elect? As Murray so eloquently demonstrates, there is not only a particular love of God that includes the elect only, there is also a general love of God from which no man is excluded. And if we are to win men to Jesus Christ, we must labor to make the love of the Father for great sinners known to all!- Pastor Jerry Slate
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  • Pages: 42
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  • Publisher: Banner of Truth