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Shadow of the Cross
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5 Stars
Long ago, John Calvin described the essence of the Christian life as self-denial. In the same spirit, Walter Chantry speaks from the pages of this short book calling believers today to embrace the self-denial to which the cross of Jesus calls us. Self-denial is a concept sadly neglected in Christian thinking today. Sadly, because Christ calls us to follow Him in this; and because, though painful, its outcome is nothing short of beautiful. A short powerful book that every Christian should read. Absolutely. If the readership recommendation could be narrowed down from this broad category, Shadow of the Cross should be required reading for engaged and/or newly married couples, who will find in Christ's call to self-denial a powerful key to God-honoring marriage.- Alyssa Faith
  • Type: PB
  • Pages: 79
  • ISBN: 085151331X
  • SKU: 9780851513317
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth