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Look After Your Voice
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As a hammer is to a carpenter, a scalpel to a surgeon, a trowel to a brick mason or a needle to a tailoróso the voice is to a preacher. Manís voice is the primary means God uses to deliver His Word to mankind, yet how often we who are called to impart the most important truths in the world are apt to neglect, if not wilfully abuse our all-vital Ďtool of the tradeí. Can there be any more pitiful sight in all nature than a God-sent preacher who is forced to be silent? We are not thinking here however of a silence brought about by pressure from ungodly sources, but that which has been enforced because of the preacherís own negligence concerning his voice. Mike Mellorís goal is not to produce another speech book (of which a good number can be found, usually aimed at actors or singers) but that something of our high calling as Godís spokesmen may be re-kindled and as a consequence our desire to care for the frail vehicle God has designed to convey his Word may be increased.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
  • ISBN: 9781846251252
  • SKU: 9781846251252
  • Publisher: Day One