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Baptist Confession of Faith 1689
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customer reviews
5 Stars
I wish this was reproduced in Modern English. We have expensive books which have the confession in it in Modern english but not just the confession by itself or at least I haven't been able to fine it! The need is to be able to give to congregations Just the confession and not the commentaries etc.! - Lamar Carnes
5 Stars
Please continue to keep the old orignal English in which our forefathers penned the confession. This is a wonderful copy of the London confession!- Sacran
3 Stars
I now would like to make a negative comment towards this published confession. The "Foward" section begins in error & wasn't written in 1689. It is a modern attempt to mix the Baptists in with protestants. Baptists are not and never were reformers or protestants - there are many sources that could be cited for you to consider, but I will point you to a brief book by I.K. Cross, "The Battle For Baptist History." I would ask that this confession be reprinted without the historical error.- Sacran
5 Stars
I think it's funny that someone would complain that a modern intro "mixes in the Baptists with protestants" when the 1689 Confession is about 90% identical with the quintessentially Protestant Westminster Confession. Apparently, the authors of the 1689 Confession felt no concerns about such "mixing." In fact, if you'll read the original introduction, you'll see that it does the same thing, explicitly identifying themselves with Protestants: "we did, the more abundantly, to manifest our consent with both, in all the fundamental articles of the Christian Religion, as also with many others, whose orthodox confessions have been published to the world; on behalf of the Protestants in divers Nations and Cities: and also to convince all, that we have no itch to clogge Religion with new words, but do readily acquiesce in that form of sound words, which hath been, in consent with the holy Scriptures, used by others before us."- Stan
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