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Scripture Biography for the Young
The History of Josiah, The Young King of Judah
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"The author adds one more volume, for children and youth, to the list of Scripture biographies. He rejoices that others too have been engaged in similar labors. As a father, he longs for the time when the histories which God himself directed to be written for our instruction and that of our offspring, may be prepared for their perusal, interwoven with such elucidations and instructions, and made the basis of such exhortations and admonitions, as will attract their attention, with an increasing interest, to the divinely inspired record, and lead them to regard the facts of the Bible as the most important facts to be known and pondered in the whole circle of their reading. He will only add, that his own attention has been arrested by the character of Josiah, as one that cornbines traits of peculiar excellence, which deserve to be strikingly illustrated and set before our children and youth, as models of imitation and incentives to duty. How far he has succeeded in attempting to do this, the public will decide. If the book does good, especially to the souls of children and youth, his highest wishes will be answered."