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Authentic Gospel, The
Banner of Truth Booklet
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What is real Christianity? Jeffrey Wilson believed that Ďa hybrid Christianity which is essentially man- centred, materialistic and worldly, and shamefully dishonouring to the Lord Jesus Christí is almost endemic in the Western world, and particularly in the U.S.A. The Authentic Gospel traces the root cause of this situation to a fatal assumption that it is possible to become a Christian by having Christ as Saviour irrespective of whether he is received and served as Lord. By a careful examination of what the Bible means by such ideas as faith, conversion and commitment, it shows how mistaken such teaching is and how seriously it misleads those who follow it. In a direct, plain-speaking style, Jeffrey Wilson arrests, instructs and redirects us to the authentic gospel which Christ and the apostles preached and taught.
  • Type: Booklet
  • Pages: 24
  • ISBN: 0851515746
  • SKU: 9780851515748
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth