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Decisional Regeneration vs. Divine Regeneration
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"Being or becoming religious is not the same as being regenerate. That applies whatever the religion; even one that describes itself as 'evangelical.' As surely as everyone has to be born to live on earth, so everyone must be reborn to have heavenly eternal life; and no one can do either for himself. All life comes from God, and by way of gift. James Adams explains all this so clearly in these pages and also how the good news should be both preached and received." - Hywel Jones, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California "The error of 'decisional regeneration' has plagued the church for more than one hundred years. Dr. Adams, in this most excellent treatise, has exposed not only the error but so ably shown what the true meaning of biblical regeneration is from the Word of God. God grant that our generation may return to this truth as set forth in the Scriptures." - Robert G. den Dulk, D.D., Chairman, den Dulk Christian Foundation; President Emeritus, Westminster Seminary California CONTENTS Introduction: What's Happened to Christianity? Decisional Regeneration and Evangelism Decisional Regeneration and Altar Calls Decisional Regeneration and Preaching Decisional Regeneration and Theology What Must We Do? How Can You Become a Christian? How to Spread the Good News Recommended Reading
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5 Stars
I don't find this book to be offensive at all, better yet I find it to be what the scriptures teaches on God's way of salvation.The newbirth is what it says it is a newbtirh. Man cannot deside a newbirth. Nor does it come by the will of man st Jo 1:12-13,Rom 9:16.I am so happy to read and hear that we still have saints that teach the truth.War on, fight on, - Martin Leslie