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Study on Philippians for Women
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Keri Folmar has written a worthy Bible study for women based on Paul's letter to the Philippians. Keri has a heart for women to experience deep and fruitful Bible study. Carried by the desire to see her sisters in Christ grow in their knowledge of the Lord, Keri has written a book toward that end. The book starts with a brief but concise explanation on how to do inductive Bible study and notes for leaders. From there it dives into a 10 week study of Philippians. Each week is broken up into 5 days. Each day there is a reading and some questions to answer. These questions are not a chore; to the contrary, I found myself longing to sit with my Bible and pen and meditate upon and write out answers to these pointed and meaningful questions. Questions that test my knowledge of Scripture, questions that test my faith and trust, questions that pull back the veil to reveal the state of my heart. I read through this book to see if it was something I would consider using either to lead a group of women through or to study by myself. The answer is: Yes! I am left longing to wrap up some of my other reading so I can grab my Bible, a cup of coffee, a pen, a notebook and bury myself in the book of Philippians. This is no exaggeration: Keri's book has made me hungry for the Word of God. This is not a book that lectures at you. Keri teaches almost Socratically from the pages; she allows and uses all the questions to guide you to answers. She is in the background giving prominence and space for the Holy Spirit to do his work through what she wrote. I highly recommend it either for a women's Bible study, to teach to a group of young women (17 yrs. + ), or for a woman to do on her own. -Luma Simms, Gospel Grace
  • Type: Spiral bound
  • Pages: 150
  • ISBN: 9781936760565
  • SKU: 9781936760565
  • Publisher: Cruciform Press
  • Publication Date: June, 2012