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Crafts, Crafts, More Crafts
101 great ideas for youth and childrenís clubs
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So, itís youth group planning and it comes to that time of the evening when you discuss crafts; does your brain freeze? Can you only think of the same few crafts? Maybe you are a Sunday school teacher needing a craft idea for your lessons or maybe you are a parent looking for wet afternoon activity ideas! We all know places we can go to buy craft kits, but this book is different. It is a collection of craft ideas that can be done without running up huge bills. There are a whole range of ideas for different ages, abilities, timeframes and financial constraints. I cannot claim credit for them being original; they are a collection of activities I have gathered over years of doing youth work.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
  • ISBN: 9781846252280
  • SKU: 9781846252280
  • Publisher: Day One