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Sin and the Unfolding of Salvation
Theological Lectures from Spurgeon's Pastors' College
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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to attend the famous Pastor's College founded by Charles H. Spurgeon? We have had a good taste of that privilege as we have read and delighted in LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS by Spurgeon himself. But what about the other classes? What were they like? Thankfully, with this reprint of SIN, AND THE UNFOLDING OF SALVATION by David Gracey we are finally able to see and hear what the students were taught about the Doctrine of Systematic Theology, the Doctrine of Sin, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Doctrine of Salvation. In the words of the Preface, "We are persuaded that the volume will be a valuable contribution to the Christological literature of the day. Mr. Gracey ever gives prominence to the Person and Work of the Saviour; though unfolding fully the dark and doleful character of sin, he does so under the light of the Gospel, and with the hope of the Gospel shining clear in view. Theology, in his treatment of it, is never a dry science, but a vital, palpitating reality, fresh and beautiful, attractive and inspiring. Having strong convictions, based upon the Word of God, which he hesitates not to express in clear and convincing language, he necessarily exposes and opposes with all his force the erroneous opinions which meet him in the way. He always, however, deals in a courteous and Christian spirit with those from whom he differs; always stating their case fairly, while with strong though gentle hand he demolishes their arguments." - Archibald McCaig
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 9781599252889
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  • Publisher: Solid Ground