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Pursuit of Glory
A Disciple's Journey with Jesus
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When Vince Ward was growing up in Canada, he was obsessed with achieving personal gloryóin sports, music, or a flashy career. Upon his conversion, he became convinced of his need to seek Godís glory rather than his own. This pursuit led him, along with his wife and growing family, to the new mission field of South Sudan, where his love for his Savior and desire to serve Him deepened. In the ten years to follow, he saw Godís glory revealed in the most difficult circumstances. Also included is the story of Samuel Ward, his son, born to a childhood very different from that of his fatherís. Growing up in a hut amid threats of civil war, disease, and poisonous snakes, he watched his parents striving to spread the gospel in an unforgiving environment. His story is both astonishing and touching, a vivid portrayal of a boyís experience growing up on the front lines of the mission field.