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Building A Godly Home - Vol 3
Holy Vision for Raising Children
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For years, William Gouge s Domestical Duties has stood as the foremost Puritan treatment of Christian family life. Yet due to its size and antiquated expression, it has become almost unknown among current generations of believers. To help revive the usefulness of this classic book, Scott Brown and Joel R. Beeke divided Gouge s work into three manageable volumes, updated the language to modern standards, and have given it the title Building a Godly Home. In the third volume, A Holy Vision for Raising Children, Gouge offers wise and practical advice to both children and parents on how to relate to each other with love and honor. Drawing from a wealth of biblical principles and examples, he fleshes out how a household of affectionate authority provides for children and prepares them to live as God s servants in the world. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters will find much here to challenge and guide them.
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 9781601782502
  • SKU: 9781601782502
  • Publisher: Reformation Heritage
  • Publication Date: Oct. 24, 2014