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Political Christianity:
A Call to Action
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Our political situation is bleak: nation building, rising taxes, broken election promises, immoral legislation and legislators...the list goes on and on. But we've allowed thisto happen. For the last 150 years, throngs of American evangelicals have surrendered under the white flag of pietism, refusing to enter the "worldly" political arena. By default, Christians have allowed God and His word to be shut out of politics, enabling secularists to install a new western savior--the omnipotent state. Political Christianity is a manual to help establish a truly biblical approach to politics. Impressively thorough yet concise, this readable book covers a great deal: from political presuppositions to biblical principles of government. It even provides practical insight into the pesky "lesser-of-two-evils" voting dilemma.
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 243
  • ISBN: 9780983145790
  • SKU: 9780983145790
  • Publisher: Tolle Lege Press
  • Publication Date: 2012