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Lord's Day Still Is (The)
Making a Case for the Relevance and Permanence of the Fourth Commandment
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Why write a booklet about our obligation to keep the Lord's Day holy? There are two basic answers to this question. One revolves around God; the other involves people like you. Regarding God, who has revealed his will in his holy Word, this issue relates to his character. God is worthy to be honored and glorified. As the infinite, eternal, and unchangeable God, he is worthy to be glorified for who he is. As the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and the Redeemer of elect sinners, he is worthy to be honored for what he has done. If God calls us to keep the Sabbath holy and we do not, then this is a serious offense to such a glorious God. David's love for God moved him to say, 'My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law' (Ps. 119:136). David was grieved over the thought that the law of his God was being broken. Appealing to those who break the Sabbath is a way of saying, 'Don't do this to such a great God.' The second reason for writing is more personal, even pragmatic. It has to do with the blessings that God holds in store for those who keep the Sabbath holy and the painful consequences for those who do not. A small booklet may have little impact on those who firmly oppose any idea of being under an obligation to keep one day a week holy to God. But for those who have not really looked into the question of the Sabbath day and its present-day relevance, my prayer is that this will give some helpful guidance in God's Word. What you are about to read is really nothing new, rather it is fairly old - as old as the Word of God. My desire is to come as Elihu came to Job, contributing fresh insights to an old dialogue (Job 32:10). But I also feel the weight of those words by the Preacher, 'Is there a thing of which it is said, "See, this is newĘ? It has been already in the ages before us" (Eccles. 1:10). Because this can be a difficult subject we should begin with earnest prayer. Please take a moment with me to ask the Lord to enlighten the eyes of our understanding so that we will be able to discern in his Word what is right and true in relation to the subject of the Sabbath.