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Whole Counsel of God, Volume 2
The Full Revelation of God
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Richard Gamble's three-volume Whole Counsel of God explores the relationships between exegesis and hermeneutics, and between biblical, systematic, and historical theology. "He bridges the gap so many have identified between traditional systematic theology and biblical theology," Richard Pratt writes; not only that, he "penetrates beyond scholarly concerns to life issues that every believer faces." Gamble engages the writings of theologians across disciplines and through church history to assist him in this task. Following the first volume —God's Mighty Acts in the Old Testament—The Full Revelation of God examines the nature of New Testament Scripture, introducing New Testament authors and their writings. Gamble covers the doctrine of God, soteriology, ecclesiology, and anthropology and concludes by presenting a biblical philosophy of life and a defense of Christianity. "A very comprehensive theological project, embracing the disciplines of biblical theology, historical theology, and systematic theology," writes John Frame. "Nothing comparable in scope has been done in the last hundred years within the circles of Reformed orthodoxy."
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 1144
  • ISBN: 9781596381810
  • SKU: 9781596381810
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing
  • Publication Date: Sept. 28, 2018