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Journey in Providence
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A tragedy in the family of one of the primary characters of the past journey series begins this sixth theological novel. Dink and Janie face an unexpected and unbelievable horror, which opens not only a search for truth concerning the providence of God in life's trials, but also a search to solve the mysteries involved in the tragedy. Unexpected twists and turns in the plot, as in the past journey books, make this a very readable experience, as well as a rewarding study of the providence of God as revealed in the book of Job.
customer reviews
5 Stars
Dr. Richard Belcher has done it again. In his sixth Journey book, "A Journey in Providence" he takes you through the fast paced action of gang life and the book of Job at the same time. Who would have thought the "Dink" from earlier Journey books would have such a prominent role in this work. This is a Theological Novel. That means that besides an intriguing story line, the reader also is exposed to important Bible truths. Belcher's style and books will hold your attention---even late into the night. I have read all eighteen books, and most were read in about 3 days. My 14-year-old read the first nine in three weeks. They are hard to put down. The truth is that we all will face deep valleys in this life. The study of the book of Job prepares you for the trial you are about to enter or helps you with the one you are currently in right now. There are many unexpected turns and twists throughout the story line. It is unforgettable. This journey book enter the gang scene that is very real in America. The power of the gospel and the responsibility to sow the gospel seed also comes through loud and clear. In a day when everyone wants to ignore God's providence and chalk everything up to chance, luck, and mother nature, this book has emerged to the rescue. The truth is better than a lie any day. Get this book and start reading it. That is all you will need to do. The rest will come naturally. This one is not as exciting as "A Journey in the Spirit," but it is not far behind it either. - Ted D Manby
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 204
  • ISBN: 1883265193
  • SKU: 1883265193
  • Publisher: Richbarry Press
  • Publication Date: 1999