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Journey in Purity
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This is the gripping and challenging story of a young pastor, Ira Pointer, and his difficult and heart-breaking struggle to bring purity to the corrupt and impure church he pastors. From the initial and unexpected bizarre event which forces him to face the issue of church purity to the final resolution of the heart-breaking struggle, the reader is gripped by the unfolding story and its numerous twists and turns. Standing almost alone in this spiritual battle against the advice and counsel of fellow pastors, denominational workers and many of his church members, Pastor Pointer develops and seeks to apply clear Biblical convictions concerning church purity and discipline.
customer reviews
5 Stars
Church discipline. These words bring many different reactions to the average member of a local church. Dr. Belcher's second novel cuts to the heart of the issue as the story of First Baptist Church of Collegetown unfolds in this sequel to Journey in Grace. Pastor Ira Pointer accepted the call to this church with deep concern that only sixty of the thousand members were active. While he is faithfully teaching the obedient remnant, the sleeping giant of nine hundred inactive members awakens and tries to swallow both the pastor and the faithful members. Seventy of the inactive members form an opposition party with the ability to draw three hundred other inactive members to any business meeting. The struggle for survival is has begun. This exciting novel is full of surprises with many twists and turns. Once I began reading it, it was nearly impossible to put down. In the midst of the struggle, Pastor Pointer takes his deacons through an expositional study of a number of New Testament passages on church discipline. Thus, after you have read this book, you will not only enjoy an exciting story and be acquainted with the personal pain carried by all faithful pastors, but you will also be very familiar with biblical church discipline. This is a book for everyone. Pastors and their wives will devour it and identify with the Pointer family throughout the story. Christians will enjoy it and learn some needed truths. Even older Christians who would be unwilling to read even a pamphlet on church discipline will read this work from cover to cover. Mature Christians will read it with tears of concern over the ruthless tactics of lost church members towards God's people and with tears of joy as they see God, in His sovereign grace, reach down and save sinners who are the least likely candidates to human eyes for grace. With our local churches being filled with unregenerate and often hostile inactive members, this is a needed book for our undisciplined age. Our churches need to begin and/or continue on their journeys in purity. May God raise up a host of Pastor Pointers who will pay the price to follow the Scriptures in shepherding God's flock. - Ted D. Manby, M.Div.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 213
  • ISBN: 0925703397
  • SKU: 9780925703392
  • Publisher: Richbarry Press
  • Publication Date: 1996