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Flood of Evidence (A)
40 Reasons Noah and the Ark Still Matter
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Addresses the countless questions asked about the Flood over the years! There are hosts of books and resources on the Flood and Noah’s Ark in the creation movement. However, there is a need for a comprehensive layman’s book dealing with the answers to the most asked questions on the Flood and Noah’s Ark from a biblical and scientific perspective, and this book fulfills that need. Answers the top questions Answers in Genesis receives about the Flood and Noah’s Ark Addresses issues in a way that is easy to read, yet still gives the reader substantial facts and insights Is the perfect “starter” book for those interested in learning more or for believers wanting to share the truth with non-believers. Most people in the pews could use a book like this to give them the basic answers they need about the Flood and Noah’s Ark. After reading it, they will be prepared to go into further technical or specific books from there.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 301
  • ISBN: 9780890519783
  • SKU: 9780890519783
  • Publisher: New Leaf Press
  • Publication Date: Sept. 20. 2016