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Message of Spiritual Warfare
Bible Speaks Today Series
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What is spiritual warfare? In Scripture there are numerous references to the conflict of God's people with Satan and the "dominion of darkness," with the fallen world and with the continuing pull of the sinful nature. Satan, sin, and the world are all expressions of cosmic rebellion against the Creator and his will and purposes, and God himself addresses that opposition and brings it to nothing. The climactic act is the extraordinary victory of the cross, where through the death of his incarnate Son, God redeemed his people from sin and its penalty, and by that same act also liberated them from bondage to the world and the devil. Keith Ferdinando's valuable exposition of this key biblical theme of spiritual warfare explains the nature of Satan and his activity in the world God has made, the different dimensions of Christ's victory over Satan, how Christ's victory over Satan impacts God's people, and the various areas in which believers must fight sin and Satan. Additionally, Ferdinando offers clarity as to the "weapons" with which God equips his people to overcome the darkness. This valuable resource expounds on a range of Old and New Testament texts, helping pastors, teachers, and students to better understand spiritual warfare so that they may fight the good fight and finish the course with joy.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 310
  • ISBN: 9780830824182
  • SKU: 9780830824182
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Publication Date: Nov. 28, 2016