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Life of Moses
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This epic undertaking, composed of never-before-published material from the late James M. Boice, delves fully into the narrative of Mosesí life, uncovering its rich meaning and its gospel application to our lives today. Dr. Boice captures the broad sweep of Israelís captivity, deliverance, and wanderings, defends the Bibleís historical reliability, and offers wise pastoral advice on many practical topics. Demonstrating what we can learn from their successes and strengths as well as their sins and failures, Boice also leads us to look beyond Moses and the Israelites to the awesome power of their God and the much needed, final Deliverer of his people to come.
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 472
  • ISBN: 9781596387539
  • SKU: 9781596387539
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing