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Looking Unto Jesus
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Views Jesus as carrying on the great work of man's salvation from beginning to end.
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5 Stars
While on a bed of pain in the Spring of 1653, the Lord began to show Ambrose "what Jesus had done for my soul, and what He was doing, and what He would do for it, till He saved to the uttermost." What the Lord taught Ambrose was published in the wonderful book: "Looking Unto Jesus." Another great Puritan, Dr. Richard Sibbes, once stated: "That the special office of the ministry of Christ, is to lay open Christ, to hold up the tapestry, and to unfold the hidden mysteries of Christ." In "Looking Unto Jesus," Ambrose has accomplished that task in a most marvelous way. Jesus should always be our main study; indeed, He must be our life study. I highly recommend this book to all who are both lovers of Christ and lovers of great Puritan literature.- Creth D Hopkins
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 694
  • ISBN: SPR0000039
  • SKU: SPR0000039
  • Publisher: Sprinkle