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John Wesley
Men of Faith
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The inspiring story of a frail little man who was a giant in faith and commitment to Jesus Christ! God needed a man like John Wesley for a particular time, and specific place and a special purpose. Patiently He worked with this chosen instrument to awaken, convict and redeem a nation. God breathed on his weaknesses and abilities alike, giving him a hunger and thirst for holiness which would not be denied. Criss-crossing his country an incredible quarter of a million miles astride a horse, he preached at thousands of outdoor evangelistic meetings. In his own pulpit, Wesley’s pastoral and teaching ministry filled the pews and spilled over to other congregations, eventually unifying into a strong church body. But the impact of John Wesley’s life and ministry reaches far beyond the shores of England and the confines of Methodism. His witness to salvation and sanctification still shines through his hymns, his books, an through biographies such as this one. THE PERSONAL STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL PREACHERS SINCE APOSTOLIC TIMES!