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The Rev. George Horne, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Norwich, President of Magdalen College, Oxford, and Dean of Canterbury completed his Commentary on the Psalms in 1771. In it he maintains that the greater number of the Psalms were Messianic. Charles H. Spurgeon would later write, "It has been said that this author had no qualification for a commentator except piety. This is not true, for he had natural poetry in his soul; and even if it were true, his work would go far to show how abundantly piety compensates for other deficiencies. He is among the best of our English writers on this part of Scripture and certainly one of the most popular." More than a hundred years have past since the last printing of this commentary, yet the importance of it can be seen in how other commentators made use of Horne's insights in their own commentaries, as in the case of William S. Plummer and Spurgeon, to name a few. This work meditatively explains the Psalms in "their literal or historical sense, as they relate to King David, and the people of Israel" yet does not neglect the allegorical nature or double sense of the book in"their application to the Messiah, to the Church, and to individuals as members thereof." Horne strives to demonstrate "the allegories of this most perfect form, with which the book of God abounds, and which are all pregnant with truths of the highest import." Old Paths Publications has reprinted the 1842 edition. This book contains a Foreword by The Rev. John Greer, Minister of the Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA.
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