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Southern Baptists and the Doctrine of Election
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Well-documented book showing the historical roots of Baptists in the doctrine of election.
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5 Stars
This book was the book that confirmed to me where our Baptist founders stood in terms of their theology. It is a book that I am recommending to a Men's Bible study that has been meeting and studying the Doctrines of Grace. Baptist Preachers have quoted men like C.H. Spurgeon for years, but I've never really heard many Baptist preachers teach that he believed in Election & Evangelism just like the Bible teaches in Romans 9 & 10. Thanks for Men of God that will write and preach the truth about what Baptise are suppose to believe. Rev. Larry Austin- Larry Austin
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 178
  • ISBN: SPR0000033
  • SKU: SPR0000033
  • Publisher: Sprinkle