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Thought Of God, The
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Maurice Roberts' articles speak to the needs of the times. They have God and his Word as their starting place; and their horizon stretches beyond time to eternity. "Every article is a picturesque painting. And the words are shades and colours. They seem to be ordinary, simple words - but in the hand of the master they work wonders. The thought like a spear, penetrates to the heart and does not allow itself to be forgotten. And what thoughts they are!"
customer reviews
5 Stars
I do not give five stars lightly, but this is truly one of my favorite books. Almost every chapter either taught me something I didn't know before or said something in a way that made an impression on me that it had never had before. Maurice Roberts obviously has a deep and heartfelt knowledge of the Bible, of people and of the English language. Let me just choose one quote from the first chapter to illustrate what I mean, "There is in God such a supply of competence and wisdom that he is able to transform every ill into good as soon as it touches us. God has, so to say, the 'Midas touch', by which all the Christian's problems turn to gold in his hands." This book came into the world first as a series of articles in the magazine Maurice Roberts edited for many years, Banner of Truth. For this reason, the book doesn't have one unifying theme, but each chapter stands alone. However, the chapters have been grouped according to subject matter so there is some continuity. I read it at a book study with some ladies at my church and found that format to be an advantage. Sometimes in a book study you can get bogged down in one subject, but having a book that covered so many different subjects kept the discussions fresh. Because Mr. Roberts does have such a masterful command of the English language, his writing may be a little hard to follow for some whose reading skills aren't the greatest or a little tedious for some who are looking for a quick and light read. I have a fairly large vocabulary and found myself looking up about one word each chapter, which I loved, but I know that not everyone feels the same way. It may also be helpful to be aware that towards the end of the book he has a chapter that teaches something I had never heard of before, but something that evidently men like Jonathan Edwards and Robert Murray M'Cheyne taught, and that is that those in heaven will be able to see those suffering in hell. I mention this because some may find this a disturbing chapter. He bases this teaching largely on the story of the rich man looking and seeing Lazarus, treating it as a real-life story. I cannot accept it as a true story (instead I see it as a parable) because it shows the rich man being concerned about his brothers, but in hell, with the absence of God, there will be the absence of everything good, including brotherly love. That is what makes hell so scary. Here even the worst of men have some natural affection, some degree of kindness towards some people at least at some times, but in hell even the men who on earth were best, will be utterly devoid of all natural affection, all semblance of anything good and sweet and lovely. Love is of God, the Bible says, and so where God is not, there will never be love. It is strange to have a name given to someone in a parabolic story, but it would be much stranger, nay impossible, to have someone in hell showing compassion on others. But besides that chapter, the book was tremendously helpful and encouraging. I very seldom read a book twice, but I plan on making this one of them.- Heather Thieneman
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 9780851516585
  • SKU: 9780851516585
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth