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Samuel Rutherford And His Friends
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A man may be known by the company he keeps. Here, Faith Cook introduces us to Samuel Rutherford's friends, who are called on to give us a fresh look at the man who has long been held in such high affection by Christian people around the world. The days in which Samuel Rutherford (c.I600-I66I) lived were ones in which 'a man must sin or suffer', and most of Rutherford's friends chose the latter course. Two were martyred, two exiled and all paid a high price for allegiance to the truth. The primary aim of these short biographies is to cast light on Rutherford's genius as a faithful counsellor and spiritual guide. We are introduced to the depth and beauty of his Letters and brought to share in the wisdom and consolation of his pastoral ministry.
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4 Stars
This book looks at some of the men and women Samuel Rutherford wrote his famous letters to. For the most part, each chapter looks at a different person and stands alone, the chapters are fairly short as well, making it a good book to pick up now and then as you have time. Not only do you learn about these individuals, but you get a better idea of the times in which they lived, especially the persecution. What stood out to me the most was the controversies among Christians and how the various people handled them. Some, including Samuel Rutherford himself,could be heated and even arrogant against those who disagreed with him. Others were better at holding to the truth courageously while being understanding of Christians who differed from them. At one point the author states the sad fact that "many a man was more wounded in the house of his friends than by his enemies," a fact that is all the sadder considering that it was a time of many wounds from enemies. Another thing I liked about this book was the chance to read about people who were not famous in their own right. Most biographies are about someone who did something remarkable, but because this book is about Rutherford's friends and not Rutherford himself, many of the chapters are about normal, everyday Christians, who would have been forgotten to history if Rutherford had not written a letter or two to them. There is something helpful about reading about our counterparts in another age instead of always reading about the "heroes." If you have never read Rutherford's letters, you will be exposed to a good deal of them as you read this book. If you have read his letters, you will be reminded of some of the best of them. One of my favorite quotes from his letters is: "Time will eat away and root out our woes and sorrow. Our heaven is in the bud, and growing up to an harvest." Yes, it may seem sometimes that my sorrows outnumber my joys now, but my sorrows are on the way out while my joys are only beginning. There is much in his letters that is encouraging, especially for those experiencing hardship.- Heather Thieneman
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  • Publisher: Banner of Truth